April 15, 2017 at 6:50 am

3 Innovative ways in which online businesses can use animated videos

The traditional marketing tactics are not serving the main purpose any longer. With emerging trends and fast-paced society, marketers have to always watch out for brand new ways of focusing on their services and products. AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) has been the safest formula of marketing and animated videos can also fit into the formula perfectly. It was seen that:

  • Businesses which used animation to advertise the product have found a drastic increase in their sales by around 40%
  • 94% of marketers use video for online sales, marketing and communication
  • 96% of B2B companies plan to use video in their content marketing campaigns over the future years
  • 82% of people feature their business video on their brand website.

As per what Spiel has to say, animation videos have enough dynamism to capture the attention of the customer and this can be ingeniously used in any desired tone, emotional, professional, informative or even funny. They usually claim to create an everlasting impact on the customer. Check out some ways in which businesses can use animation to boost sales and marketing returns.

#1: Explainer animated videos

In case your company brags about excellent products but doesn’t have enough skill to display it to the audience and clients, an explainer video is perhaps the best way in which you can do it. Explainer videos are an innovative part of visual communication which keeps your brand at the forefront and educates your customers about a product in a certain manner. Within a span of 2 minutes, explainer videos are capable of making a fiercely good impression on a product by evoking humor and emotion to engage the customers. Research reveals that explainer videos have increased sales and lead by around 54%.

#2: Storytelling videos

Everyone loves to tell stories and this is because stories usually portray pictures in a very exciting way with compelling characters and flashy images. It is overall very entertaining. Before you move on, you should try to boost your knowledge on the importance of story telling. Storytelling has become a vital strategy and perhaps the biggest possible buzzword. They make us feel, think and convey the mission in our own way. Few top brands like Microsoft, Motorola have used storytelling as one of the most vital leadership tools which inspire and make a change.

#3: Video infographics

The current generation has seen a shift from reading to viewing new visuals. Infographics are used in businesses since long time. The statistical facts, data and figures help in an interesting way which helps viewers grasp analytics in a faster way. It has managed to make a positive impact on the consumers and this has generated a large number of social shares and has also seen a considerable increase in SEO performance.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the different ways in which you can use animated videos for your business’ benefit, you should consider the above mentioned ways and use them as soon as you can.