May 31, 2017 at 3:43 am

4 Search Engine Optimization Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Most business owners understand the value of search engine optimization. At the beginning of the year, many people reading this probably vowed to get their SEO right in 2017. Are you living up to your vow or do you continue to fall victim to foolish search engine optimization pitfalls?

To avoid the potential negative consequences of getting your website’s search engine optimization wrong, please pay attention to the four SEO mistakes we’re sharing with you today.

Mistake #1: Content Rarely Ranks without On Page Optimization

Content marketing is definitely an effective way to grow and expand your presence online. It also goes hand-in-hand with SEO.

For some reason, online business owners believe creating and posting awesome content online is enough to please the search engines. They fail to realize the value of SEO and tend to ignore it altogether.

Guess what? Some pieces of amazing content are going to naturally rank in the search engines without any on page optimization. It certainly happens from time to time, but it is not the norm so keep that in mind.

On page search engine optimization is still an absolute must if you intend to get your content to rank. Plus, on-site SEO creates a better user experience overall, so it’s the smart thing to do no matter how you look at it.

According to, New Relic Vs Stackify Retrace experts, the odds of your content ranking without performing on page SEO are slim to none.

Mistake #2: Content Rarely Ranks without Building Backlinks

This second SEO pitfall is the reason why so much awesome content fails to get any search engine love. It’s certainly possible amazing content will rank due to social sharing and other websites linking to it naturally because they want to share it with their audience, but the odds are certainly against you in this situation.

awesome content fails

Webmasters and business owners need to put forth additional effort in the form of link building. It’s definitely necessary to create content that will attract links naturally, but other content promotion strategies like local citations, digital PR, and guest blogging are great ways to ensure your content gets the search engine love it deserves.

Mistake #3: Failure to Intentionally Promote Your Content

Creating high-quality, engaging content is only one part of the content generation machine. Intentional promotion is where many business owners fail to get their message across to their target audience.

Promoting and distributing your content is the key to success. It’s the only way your blog posts, videos, and infographics will reach your intended audience. Without it, it’s going to sit on your blog unread, never watched, and never linked to at all.

Most content has very few Facebook interactions, no external backlinks, and no blog comments to speak of. We believe this is happening mainly because website owners fail to promote their valuable content.

Mistake #4: Spammy Backlinking Practices

Some companies still practice spammy backlinking even in 2017. At this point, business owners should realize spammy links are only going to penalize your site, not deliver the high searching rankings they’re going after.

So do yourself a favor and steer clear of link farms. Avoid PBN backlinks even though many webmasters still swear by them. These blog networks end up getting deindexed and the sites they were linking to typically get penalized.

Take steps to get high quality, relevant links through guest posting, paid links, product reviews, social media sites, internal linking, and more.


Avoid these four search engine optimization pitfalls and remember to create high-quality content, promote it generously, and work hard to build links to gain additional exposure.