September 16, 2015 at 4:54 am

Awesome Tips to Help you when Buying Used UTV

Although second-hand or used equipment can provide a good value, you need to slow down and take into account your purchase before spend your hard-earned money. The very first thing to do is to know which equipment you may be buying. Conduct research online or visit a dealership so you can have an idea of what you can expect to get from the machine. Try to remember how a new UTV looks and compare it to those that you can see in the second-hand market.

UTV looks

While you may not know what exactly you can have in the used market, make sure you are well-informed. Never allow your excitement of having your new vehicle make you feel disappointed following the purchase.

Stay Away from Deceptive Sellers

A lot of people tend to hire problems with their equipment in order to have a better price for it. Looking carefully lets you spot the cloaked issues; however, a number of issues could come out unexpectedly during general conversation. You need to know how long the owner has owned the piece of equipment and the reason he is selling it. Try to build some a connection with the seller so you can somehow have him slipping and revealing any tactics he is likely to put on you. This is not to say that all UTV sellers are being deceptive but of course an owner will never say that he is selling his stuff as he has worn it out.

from Deceptive Sellers

Check Engine Oil

Engine oil doesn’t have to be a deal breaker; however, must be a valid issue. As oil breaks down and begins to its effective cooling properties and lubricity, metal parts tend to wear out quite quickly. The dipstick must be pulled so you can see what you are purchasing. Very clean engine oil but old can set off alarms since this could mean its owner has flushed out possible problems. In case the engine comes with an oil filter, find this also to know if it has been changed lately.

Check Engine Oil

Look for Dirty or Low Coolant

In the UTV world, the liquid cooled engine is quite famous so make sure you check the coolant’s condition. Ensure that the engine is cool before you remove a radiator cap because it can be under pressure and can result in serious burns in case the engine is hot. As the radiator may have debris thrown up off the trail, do not forget to inspect it for some damages. This must be done as if an overheated engine can have hidden damage in the power plant of the machine.

Dirty Low Coolant Engine

Check the Driveline

UTV axles are expected to take a beating and wear when abused while in the stock suspension setting. However, if you add a lift to it, the wear tends to come on faster and harder. Be leery of lifted equipment or machines which have haven’t had stock axles substituted with extreme angle units that are designed for lifted machines. The machine’s stock axle will travel with the suspension. It is meant for just dropping out at stock travel length. For quality UTVs and other machines, visit

Used UTV Check Driveline