December 13, 2015 at 10:43 am

E-Commerce Websites Need a Trusted Payment Processor

WorldcoreGetting paid accurately and promptly is critical portion of an ecommerce website. You will have to discover the perfect payment processor that will help you avoid any delay and other potential issues as transfer money online. Selecting the best shopping cart software for your e-commerce business means having an efficient check-out process and you and your customers should be happy. The following are some ways to choose the right payment processor.

Ensure it is Easy to Use

Before picking a payment processor, know how easy you can use the service. Usually, a frustrated customer is a lost customer. In case your payment processor displays frequent glitches or it has no clear path for your customers to make payments, the customers are likely to leave your site without completing the transaction. Thus, online payment methods are not created equal in terms of customer experience. Read reviews online or consumer complaints on a processor so you will know if there are red flags.

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Think About Security Measures

Even if you have already set up you ecommerce website through a reliable ecommerce software, you will have to consider some security concerns as you prepare to accept payments. Legitimate payment processors will have a structure in place to protect sensitive information of customers- primarily credit card information. SSL encryptions must protect any payment page and an API must securely post data from your website. With the changing advances in encryption, it has become imperative to research the most recent security measures or register with a payment processor that is consistent in terms of cutting edge security. Worldcore is one of these reputable payment processors that you can always depend on in terms of security.

Security Measures

Worldcores’ API integration mechanism is easy to understand that you don’t have to use a programmer when starting to manage your bank payments. You just have to obtain the bank details in the account area, copy the link and ensure you clients can access it in automatic or manual mode. Every incoming payment is determined by information that payment reference indicate in details. Every customer of Worldcore has the option to request separate bank information for his payment. All payments that Worldcore receives are credited to the Worldcore account balance right away upon receipt.

Keep the Costs Low

Costs Low

As an online merchant, you cannot expect to totally avoid fees as you accept payments. For every transaction which occurs on your e-commerce website, you may have to either pay based on the total sale’s percentage or a flat fee. Although it is true that this results in revenue loss, the availability of online payment increases your sales leading to an overall business gain. A number of payment processors waive fees for ales under a particular threshold while others tend to impose higher fees on some small sales. It is then important to read the fine print before you sign on with any payment processor. Also, estimate the fees by using your sales in the previous year.