October 30, 2016 at 5:40 am

Finding the Right People for Executive and Specialised Positions

Hiring for any position can be difficult, but it’s often even more of a challenge to find the right candidates for an executive or specialised position. These positions require much more talented, knowledgeable individuals who understand your industry, your particular business philosophy, and your brand. Hiring the wrong person can be disastrous for your company and will only lead to another job search later on. That’s why many people look to recruitment agencies to help with these difficult hires.

Finding the Right Combination

One of the reasons it’s so difficult to find the right person for these upper-level positions is because these executives and managers have to be more than just good at their jobs. They must have leadership skills, and that can be harder to measure. Even more than that, they need to have leadership skills that fit in with how your business works. People lead in different ways, and if your team is used to being led in one certain way, having someone come in with a different style may simply not work. It could be too much of a transition, and the end result will be a team that loses much of its motivation.

Recruitment companies often have many contacts in various industries, which can help them find candidates for your positions with the right qualifications on paper. They know that’s not enough, though, and so they will also take time to discuss your company, your industry, and your business culture before they start interviewing potential candidates. This gives them a good idea of what other qualifications people need to meet in order to be a good fit with your team.

Interview Only Qualified Candidates

Much of the hiring process is taken up with reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates. Recruitment agencies in Perth help reduce the time you spend on both. These experts can narrow down the candidates you need to interview by creating a short list of qualified individuals who have the skills needed and who have passed a pre-interview. You then have fewer individuals to meet with, but all of those individuals will be highly qualified and will have a similar business philosophy to your current team. This means it takes less time to find a great candidate for the job, plus you have a list of potential back-up candidates in case the first person turns down the job.

Reach Beyond Your Known Recruitment Zones

Recruitment agencies hire specialists in various industries to focus on finding potential candidates for their clients. These experts have explored online job boards, searched social media sites, and collected industry publications and other sources to find the best places to advertise for candidates. Your HR department may not have time to cultivate such resources, which means you’re starting off with a smaller pool of experts than you may like. This can also make it harder to find additional candidates if, for whatever reason, your first batch of interviewees were not qualified. With a larger pool of applicants, you have a much better chance of finding a great new hire.