October 8, 2016 at 5:35 am

Four Top Tips for Sourcing the Perfect Conference Venue

Your to-do list seems never ending, your boss is stressed and you’re really starting to wonder whether you’re cut out for your job role. That’s a feeling many people get when arranging a conference for the first time.

Some people get things right while others don’t, which isn’t due to some having beginner’s luck, but more so having a list of conference room essentials guiding their way. If you’re in over your head and not sure you’re going to pull your first conference off, the following tips are for you. Start with location – If you start by looking for the most suitable venue in terms of accessibility you’re off to a great start. The location is easily one of the most important aspects of a great conference venue, for if a venue isn’t easily accessible to all the attendees, how is everyone going to make it there on time? Punctuality is important.

  1. Availability – This is why you really want to get a venue booked ASAP. As experienced conference planners know only too well, the best conference rooms in Perth are often booked out well in advance, so if you want something outstanding and not something subpar, or worse, be sure to get in before someone else does. That means get organised and don’t procrastinate and put off making a reservation until the very last minute.
  2. Suitability – Does the venue offer you everything that you have need of to ensure a successful conference and happy attendees? Not to mention a boss who thinks you’re the star of the office and someone worthy of promotion. There are a number of things to take into account where suitability is concerned, including location and availability, as well as:
  • Catering on demand – Can they arrange catering or must you arrange your own? It’s often good to have the option of arranging your own catering as it increases the food and drink options available to you.
  • Essential equipment – The venue should offer you all the equipment you have need of, with the exception of specialist equipment. Pens, whiteboards, markers, projection equipment, etc. should all be provided by the venue.
  • Breakout areas – We all need fresh air and exposure to natural light, so breakout areas are something to insist on when sourcing a suitable conference venue.


  1. Cost – You will definitely have a budget to work with and if you exceed it your boss will not be impressed. Naturally, make sure the budget you have to work with is adequate, but also be aware that budgetary constraints are extremely important to act in accordance with and that management doesn’t take blown budgets lightly.

With so many excellent conference venues and meeting rooms to take your pick of you may find yourself overwhelmed by choice. However, as long as you have a comprehensive idea of what you’re looking for, and you’re not afraid to negotiate a little to get what you want at a great price, you won’t find it difficult to source the ideal venue for the conference.