August 30, 2016 at 12:02 pm

How to Clean your Mac Computer Fast with Movavi Mac Cleaner

No matter what model of Mac computer you purchase, it will slow down after you have used it for some time. However, there is nothing to worry about this because this issue can be fixed easily. Time is crucial in business and a lagging Mac computer can cause your business productivity to drop. So, when you notice your computer is slow, you must quickly take action to speed up the performance. One of the reasons why your Mac is running slow is because your hard drive is not having enough free space to function optimally. You will have to free up some space on your Mac so that the program will run faster on the Mac.

It isn’t easy to clean up your hard drive from old files including old podcast and movie files, caches, and language packs. Instead of manually look for these files and deleting them yourself, there is an easier solution and that is to use a Mac cleaner software like Movavi Mac Cleaner. Movavi Mac Cleaner can quickly perform a scan on your computer and show you a list of files that are safe to remove. It only take 1 – 2 minutes for the scanning process to complete.

Cleaning up these files can boost the speed of your Mac computer without affecting the performance of the existing apps. Movavi Mac Cleaner can clear up browser caches, browsing history and other types of browser data. It can clear up the temporary files that are stored on your computer after using the messenger applications like Skype. You must decide for yourself whether you want to keep these files for example, deleting the saved passwords data will cause you to have to manually type in the passwords when you are logging into sites.

Movavi Mac Cleaner can help you to empty the trash in the trash can. It is able to clear up all the junk files that are not fully deleted after the uninstalling an app previously. It can remove the iPhoto junk files such as photo cache files as well as cleaning up the trash in your iPhoto folder. It is able to detect duplicate copies of images that you have previously edited.

Movavi Mac Cleaner can detect apps that are consuming a large amount of memory on the computer. It you delete an application with the Uninstaller, all the associated files and folders will be removed. In your Mac computer, you can delete an app by dragging it to the trash can or pressing the delete button. However, sometimes, not all the files of the app will be deleted. With Movavi Mac Cleaner, you will be able to clean up apps as well as the leftovers and save a large amount of storage space.

If your startup is slow, it could be that there are a lot of apps running in the background. You can use the startup optimization feature in Movavi Mac Cleaner to make your Mac computer startup faster. It also has a memory optimizer feature that allows you to clean up the unused memory with a single click. It enables you to free up the memory that have been occupied by data of files that you recently open. It can help in optimizing the memory in your system once you have closed the apps. Get more details