November 19, 2015 at 8:11 am

Rules for Making the Most Out of Your Telephone Answering Service

As the demand for third-party telephone answering agencies continues to grow, so do the number of companies offering this essential service. If you are one of the many businesses who are currently using a telephone answering service or are considering doing so, we have a few guidelines which will help you make the most out of the company and the services they provide, starting with asking about what services they have and evaluating how those services could possibly help you run your business.

Ask About Their Value Add Services

A telephone answering agency is more than ‘just a call centre’ where people will answer your calls and take messages for you when you are away. The majority of the services today provide a host of other exceptional services which more businesses should be taking advantage of. Some of these services include:

Telephone Answering Services

  • Emergency and holiday cover
  • Appointment taking and scheduling
  • Media response cover

When exploring your options, get in touch with Message Direct and ask them what sort of services they offer, and if there is any option to bundle services to reduce your bill.

It is also a great idea to choose a company that will not bind you to a specific contract. Business demands may change throughout the year and as your business transitions from being a start-up to a small or mid-sized business, and you will want to start building a relationship with a telephone answering agency which will be able to accommodate your needs.

Value Add Services

Provide the Agency with All the Information They Need

The telephone answering agency may be a third party provider, but you need to be able to trust them with information about your company so that they can provide exceptional customer care to your clients and customers. You should cover a number of bases with the company, including:

  • How you would like the agents to greet your customers when they call
  • In-depth information about the history of your company, the products you provide (including their specs), and/or the services you offer

  • Information about where your company headquarters is located and the location of any other offices which may be near the customer
  • Contact information, including your company web address, email addresses of all employees, and telephone numbers of all employees
  • Information about how the agents should handle different types of calls (including when they should be escalated and handled directly by you)

Update Your Telephone Answering Service of Any Changes

Anything that changes in your operations or in your business should be shared with the telephone answering service. If you have a new product or a change in your services, this needs to be shared immediately. If you are handling a ‘crisis’ situation or are expecting an influx of calls about a particular topic, advise the telephone answering agency and provide them with direction on how you would like these to be handled. Do not be shy to share any information about upcoming promotions and deals either, as this can easily be shared with customers over the phone.

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