November 30, 2015 at 10:44 am

Some Fun Facts Associated with Chocolate Consumption

Chocolates, a mere mention of them could make you crave for them. Apart from their delicious taste, chocolates have much more to offer. Almost all people love chocolate. It would be enjoyed in every corner of the world, be it as a cake, powder, beverage or candy bar. Chocolate has been used as a main ingredient in several recipes that have been chocolate based. A majority of people tend to believe that eating chocolates would make you fat. This might be true for eating excess amounts of chocolate. However, if consumed moderately, chocolates offer several health benefits.

people love chocolate

Chocolate manufacturing using cocoa solid or cocoa fat has been common in most parts of the world. There are several varieties of chocolates available in the market. How manufacturers create these varieties would be by using various amounts of cocoa in the production. Chocolates having lesser cocoa are usually cheaper and do not taste as good as the ones produced using higher amount of cocoa. The quality of the cocoa also plays a vital role in the varieties of chocolate.

The initial step in the production of this delicious treat starts at extraction of beans from cocoa trees, which would undergo various manufacturing steps prior to attaining the final product. Foremost evidences of cocoa beverages by early civilizations go back to 1900 BC by the Mokaya and pre-Olmec people. Some studies also suggest that chocolate was initially used in Central America, some 2500 years ago. The Mayan gave chocolate great importance and considered cocoa to be a divine gift. The Mayans gave it the name ‘Cacao’, which means ‘god food’. After its introduction to Europe in the 16th century, the Latin named the Cacao tree ‘Theobrama Cacao’ that means ‘food for the god’. The word cocoa, used today has been thought to have come about as miss-spelling to Cacao.

Theobrama Cacao

Some fun facts about chocolates

  • The shelf life of chocolates has been around one year. It means you could leave your chocolate in the freezer for a year without having to worry about it.
  • Consuming chocolate could enhance your memory and lower blood pressure. These are not the only health benefits, as many studies have revealed that chocolate comprises healthy antioxidants that would lower your chances of getting heart diseases and cancer. These have been only a few amongst the several health benefits offered by chocolate.
  • Chocolate has been deemed poisonous to dogs. Theobromine that could be found in chocolates is way too much for other domestic animals or dogs to handle.

Chocolate deemed dogs

  • Chocolate contains chemicals that could make you feel happy when consumed.
  • The largest chocolate bar to be ever made weighed 5,026 pounds heavy and was produced by the renowned Elah-Dufour, United Food Companies in Italy, March 2000.
  • Despite there being high fat content in chocolate, it does not appear to alarmingly raise the blood cholesterol levels in the body of the people consuming chocolate.
  • America has been believed to consume almost half the chocolate that has been produced all over the globe.
  • There are very few allergies associated with people consuming chocolate.

people consuming chocolate