December 15, 2015 at 5:54 am

Taking Advantage Of The Fastest Internet Speeds In Virginia

Although Virginia is one of the most connected states in the country in the urban areas, many consumers have yet to realize just how fast their connection can be when they move to a high speed connection like FIOS.

FIOS is fiber optic service that can allow you to reach speeds of up to 600 mbps when you are using an internet connection from your home. Not unsurprisingly, most vendors that offer this service in places like Virginia Beach are able to also allow you to purchase digital voice and television packages over the same connection. This is because the speed is so great that the quality that you experience will not likely be matched by any other type of Internet connection.

Here are some ways that the following services can help you to enjoy your Internet experience more:

FIOS Internet: In the first place, FIOS is so fast that you will actually seem smarter when you are textually chatting with friends because you will receive their messages faster and therefore be able to reply faster. You can also use it to help avoid conflict in your family when you have multiple people trying to browse or communicate with different applications at the same time. Finally, if you bring your work home upon occasion, you will be happy to note that every application feature from Skype videoconferencing to online productivity applications work flawlessly when collaborating or presenting, giving you a definite competitive advantage.

Digital Voice: If you have tried different Internet phone services, you might recall having the party you call ask if you can repeat what you said because somewhere the packets were dropped. Not with FIOS. Your voice quality, clarity, and connection will be superior to any other possible phone service.

Digital Television: HDTV is a service that is popular, but takes a lot of bandwidth in order to display properly. When you have two or more televisions on at the same time in your house, you can end up with some digital contention that causes everyone to have a worse picture. When you use the fastest Internet connection available, your entire experience will be smooth. Even high-speed sports action will seem live with the right television set.

If you live in a city like Virginia Beach and you want to learn more about FIOS and other options available in your area, contacting your local phone company can help you to see the difference firsthand.