October 10, 2015 at 8:19 am

Using Printed Lanyards as a Promotional Tool

For the most part printed lanyards are seen as a way to keep ID cards on display, and, of course, they are great for this. But, it is possible to do far more than just keep ID badges safe with custom printed lanyards. Here we explain some of the ways they can be used to help you with your marketing and promotional campaigns.

Lanyards make great giveaways

Lanyards that feature your company logo, fonts and strap line make great giveaways. They are potentially very useful items. When fitted with the right kind of clip, they can be used as key rings, luggage straps and as a way to ensure that a mobile phone or radio never ends up falling out of your pocket and hitting the ground.


A great way to reinforce branding

People always respond well to being given something free especially if it is something useful like a lanyard. When you give someone a lanyard with your branding on it, you are making a very positive connection with that person. In addition, lanyards look good and stay looking that way for many years to come.

If they are used on a daily basis, which many are, it means that your branding is in front of potential customers all day every day. This helps to ensure that when someone needs something yours is the first firm that he or she thinks of.

great way to reinforce branding

Use them at exhibitions and other events

Lanyards are especially good for handing out at trade fairs, concerts and other events. If you can get people to wear your lanyard during the show, they effectively become a walking advert for your company. Thousands of people can see your branding during the course of just a few hours. Get the design right and you will have a very big impact using this simple marketing technique.