December 21, 2015 at 10:22 am

What loan should you take: Citibank Personal Loan or RCBC Personal Loan?

Are you planning to take a personal loan? If yes, then you should know all the features regarding a personal loan. The best personal loans offered in the market these days are the Citibank personal loan and the RCBC personal loan. But which loan is suitable for you? Let’s find out…

large amounts of loans

Features of Citibank Personal Loan –

a. High amount of loan: Citibank offers large amounts of personal loans to their customers depending on their credit history. They offer up to P2 million and a minimum of P20,000 as financing amount.

  • Easy tenure: Citibank doesn’t only offer large amounts of loans, but it also gives the flexibility of a time period of up to 5 years to repay the loan amount back. The minimal amount is 6 months. The bank is also ready to settle in with those who cannot afford to repay too much every month. A little adjustment is always allowed at the bank.

Citi bank

  • Good interest rates: Interest rates play quite an important factor when it comes to loans. If a bank offers low interest rates, then it can be a big deal breaker for the customers. But guess what? Citibank offers a good interest rate of 2.4% each month for the customers who opt for the personal loan.

Citibank offers

  • Easy and quick approvals: Customers, who are opting for loans, don’t want to go through too much stress during the process. But Citibank makes sure that they provide with the flexibility of quick approval time like 24 hours.

Easy and quick approvals

  • Comfy to access: Citibank has laid out the details regarding their personal loan on their website so that the people can comfortably read and go through all the terms & conditions.

Those were the few features of the Citibank Personal Loan. Now let’s talk about the RCBC Personal loan. What are their special features?

RCBC Personal loan

Features of RCBC personal loan –

a. Good loan amount: RCBC bank provides a minimal of P50,000 loan amount and a maximum of P1,000,000. So, if your credit score is good enough, then you can get a loan up to P1,000, 000.

  • RCBC provides flexibility: RCBC gives the flexibility to their customers to stretch the loan repayments to 36 months. If the customers are going through a financial time, then the bank will make sure they find a deal, which helps with the monthly repayments. Other than this, the minimal period of repayment is 6 months.

RCBC gives the flexibility

  • Comfort: If you open a Savings Bank account in the same bank, then you can send across your monthly payments without any hassles.

Savings Bank account

  • Proper details and advice: RCBC has made sure that they have put in each and every detail about the personal loan on their web page, and it is their duty to keep the customers in the light regarding the personal loan. Other than this, they also provide advices if you are opting for a loan from their bank. The advices are regarding the settlement of monthly repayments of the loan if you are in a financial crisis.

Personal Loan

  • Well, we have put out the important features that both the banks are offering when it comes to personal loans. Now it is your choice to pick a suitable one according to your needs and budget. Make sure you calculate what you can afford before applying for the loan.