November 30, 2015 at 11:35 am

What makes Greetly Greater Option to your Receptionist?

Greatly is an iPad application designed to elegantly greet visitors at your small office. All that visitors have to do is to choose the purpose of their visit, who they want to meet and enter their name. Greetly instantly notifies the host employee by voice call, text message and email, and Greetly logs the information pertaining to the visitor. In addition, Greetly can capture a picture of the visitor and their, NDA agreement. In case, you wish to set up Greetly, it would not take more than ten minutes. In other words, Greetly could be easily installed.

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Working of Greetly

When a visitor steps into your office, all they need to do is tap a button to select  the reason behind their visit. The reason could be anything ranging from visiting an employee, delivering a package, food delivery and more. Henceforth, they have to select the employee they intend to visit. Consequently, they have to enter the name of the visitor. Greetly would instantaneously notify the host employee through phone call, text message or e-mail. The mode of notification would be the sole prerogative of the host employee. The host would welcome the visitors in the lobby or respond to the visitors directly on their smartphone.

Working of Greetly

What makes Greetly a great option?

You might already have a receptionist in your office, who would be handling visitors and phone calls for you. What would prompt you to make use of the services of Greetly than opting for receptionist? Your receptionist might be doing more than mere greeting guests. It would not be wrong to state that receptionists have been the superheroes of the office. Without them, the office would not be able to function properly. That is why Greetly allows you to free your receptionist up to concentrate on higher value projects. It just makes sense to hire this unique digital receptionist to handle the repetitive, menial tasks of greeting visitors.

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Technical requirements for setting up Greetly

There are no heavy technical requirements to set up Greetly. This iPad receptionist  works well with any iPad 2 or newer iPad version. For comprehensive information and free trial of Greetly, you could log on to https://mygreetly.com.

How Greetly saves money for your company?

You might spend tens of thousands of dollars paying your receptionist. On the contrary, Greetly would cost you mere $49USD a month. As a result, Greetly frees up plenty of working capital to grow your business.

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