August 23, 2016 at 11:34 am

What to Expect When You Plan a Fitout for Your Office

An office fitout is essential if you want to spark creativity among your staff. By planning a fitout, you can create the kind of working environment that allows for plenty of brainstorming and profits. In order to progress in this respect, you need to work with a company that provides comprehensive build and design services to transform ideas into a fashionable workplace.

Research shows that an inspirational and vivid office interior creates a motivated staff. In turn, you are rewarded with increased productivity. Whilst every fitout differs according to the needs of the client, the following steps are typically followed in order to obtain the best results.

#1 – The Initial Briefing

First, a briefing is planned so the fitout company can schedule work that is based on the client’s timescale and budget. During the briefing, the fitout company also gets a better idea of the client’s aspirations for his or her working environment. Planning a briefing ensures that a realistic and appropriate design is drafted for a workspace.

The Site Survey

 One Stop Office fitouts and other similar renovations cannot be carried out unless a full site survey is initiated and performed. The site survey gives the fitout company a precise layout of the office space.

A site survey is required for space planning purposes as well as for the professionals who carry out the work. Surveys also permit the fitout and design firm to smooth out any difficulties with the building’s structure.

Expert space planning professionals review how a company’s team works so they can plan layouts that optimise the use of an area. Noticeable differences can be made, even in an existing workspace, by using the right office configurations, furniture solutions, and lighting and acoustical schemes.

Building Planning and Control

Usually, external and internal development require the permission of the local council or landlord. The design team should have extensive experience with today’s legislative requirements. That way, they can more easily partner with departments overseeing building control.

Managing the Fitout Project

Each project is managed by a project manager who is a company’s point-of-contact. A project manager should have the ability to plan, organise, and manage all kinds of fitout projects so everything is facilitated with streamlined efficiency. Queries should be dealt with immediately.


The Handover Phase

If you choose a company that demonstrates excellent project management skills, you will feel more assured that your fitout project will be finished to a high standard and in a timely manner. When choosing a contractor, take a look at some of the fitouts they have already completed. Read the testimonials.

Final Thoughts

Make sure the selected fitout firm is well-organised and adaptable so it can follow through on a project in incremental steps. When you find a company that is on the same page as you, take the steps mentioned above to ensure your fitout’s success. If you wish to see your profits soar and your employees’ productivity increase, you can make it happen by planning a fitout for your space.