May 31, 2016 at 12:06 pm

What You Should Know About Plaques?

Plaques would be best described as inscribed flat pieces of stone, metal or other hard materials that would be used either to commemorate an event, an individual or as signage. They have been usually mounted on braces or fixed to a wall. They could be displayed on top of tables or hung on the walls.

Plaques for recognizing efforts of people

Plaques have been great for recognizing an organization or a person for their extraordinary performance, efforts or involvement in a cause or project. A majority of companies have been known to offer custom plaques to winners of competition, high-performance employees or to various individuals who have completed a course of training program or study. These plaques would comprise information such as the name of the recipient, the year and date when plaque has been delivered, the need for plaque and the level of honour, in case there have been more than one.

Plaques of various shapes and sizes

You could find plaques of various shapes and sizes. These have also been manufactured from various materials. However, the usual options have been plastic, wood, fibreglass or glass and brass plaques. The material would actually determine the life span of the plaque along with the cost as well. Although, you could avail cheaper plaques, which would still be presentable, however because of their cheaper quality material usage, they would stain easily after a few years. On the other hand, plaques made from top quality materials would maintain their beauty for a long duration.

Price of plaques

Aluminium plaques encompassing weatherproofing features have been among the most expensive kinds of plaques. However, they have been guaranteed to last for several years. The number of letters engraved on it would also determine the price of the plaque. The more the letters engraved, the more expensive it would be.

The cheapest kind of plaque could be made from simple framed paper with elegant hand lettering. However, a majority of companies would offer something