November 20, 2015 at 7:21 am

Winning the Crafts at a Festival Game

If you sign up to possess a booth in a big music festival, like Bonnaroo as well as something smaller and more local, you know you have to get the attention of the people in attendance because so many people are going to be there doing the same thing you might be. You can’t just get a little booth and set up on the side and hope that people watch you and want to stop. You have to make them want to drop by enticing them in with lures that are not tricks but are instead tried and true types of attracting new customers. It’s something to consider so that you don’t waste your time and your money and your energy. Not all people who applies gets an crafts and arts booth, if you do, here are a few ways to make sure you don’t squander the opportunity.

Entice them With Snacks


At a music festival where there are long lines everywhere and there’s a high risk for people getting cranky and food, annoyed and water are tricky to find sometimes, and that’s very hard and even a public risk. When you have a craft booth, you can have free water in little dixie cups or even just offer some free snacks like cookies or granola bars. It’s a really little reaction you can have and yet it’ll go a long way, and people will definitely remember you, and tell others about you, and you’ll very likely make up enough sales that the cost of a bit snacks and stuff is going to easily be absorbed. A little bit can greatly assist.

Advertising and Signs on Site


Also when you’re there you have to remember that the grounds are very large and it’ll be easy to get lost in the fray of all the people and other stands there. It would make a heck of a lot of marketing sense to get some outdoor banner stands and put them up around the grounds of the festival advertising and telling people about your stand. You might see your profit margin glance at the roof, or even the tent, in the event you just rely on foot traffic you can get so far – however, if you generate more foot traffic by putting up these stands and signs. Browse the stands and stuff at The Display Outlet and you’ll realize that it makes lots of sense.

Specific Goods on the Event


When you have a craft booth, try making things that are specific to the event you are working at. Something which says the name onto it or in other ways is representative of the event you might be working. Everyone loves to buy commemorative pieces and you are there to capitalize on for and that good reason. And don’t make too many, because if you have leftovers, you won’t be able to sell them again until the new year, have fun along with it!